— Elyara Myste —

        What most would notice of Elyara at first glance usually is the Ishgardian elezen’s provocative way of dress. The second would be the manner of which he holds himself—very fitting to the way he presents. Because of his occupation as a courtesan being of an itinerant nature, Elyara can easily assimilate himself into different types of crowds, using his sultry voice and learned skill with words to put others around him at ease. He’s flirtatious and fun, aiming to please and to leave people in a better place than where he had found them—be it anywhere from a passing interaction, a small chat, a shared drink, or something more intimate behind closed doors…
        There is a subtle sadness underneath that smile, however. Elyara never overstays his welcome, and tends to abscond before one would grow curious enough of him to want to dive deeper than the show he puts out at surface level. He keeps his true wishes and vulnerable nature locked tight, feeling his true self beneath other people, fearing his inadequacy will bring misfortune to those he loves again. Such a burden carried for most of his life makes him quite distant and unreachable sometimes when he is caught up in his emotions, a stark contrast to his usual demeanour.

    Name Elyara Myste
    Age Twenty-eight
    Pronouns He/they
    Orientation Bisexual (preference for men)
    Height 195.5 cm (6’5”)
    Ethnicity Ishgardian Elezen
    Nameday Eighth Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon (8/8)
    Birthplace The Holy See of Ishgard
    Discipline Red Mage
    Occupation Courtesan
    Languages Common, Ishgardian, Hingan (intermediate)